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Click the link with the arrow to contribute to the specified fund. If recurring donations have been set up for a fund, a "Schedule Donation" link will appear for that fund. Click the Schedule Donation link to make a recurring donation.
To provide scholarships to students who are going from high school to institutions of higher learning, including trade schools, as well as current college and post-graduate students. The Scholarship Committee reviews and ranks applicants based upon 1) SFA sponsor letter; 2) Letter of acceptance, 3) GPA Transcript, 4) Letter of aspiration and planned use of scholarship, and 5) Essay questions.
This fund goes toward the improvement and upkeep of Special Forces Association National Headquarters facilities.
Eight Soldiers from across the Special Operations Community (all Green Berets) have lost their lives from 1969 to present trying to achieve the renowned Special Forces Dive Badge.No memorial currently exists to honor their memory.With your help, we can change that.
We kindly appreciate sponsorship and/or any donations for our Annual Fund Raising event Saturday, November 16, 2024, in support of Special Forces Association (SFA) MSG Earl Kalani Memorial Chapter VIII (SFA CH 8) which is a 501(c)(19) veteran non-profit organization. Sponsors can also buy space or a table:Bronze: $1000 (2x tables/20 Seats and can place a logo on each table.Silver: $2000 (2x tables/20 Seats and place a logo and banner.Gold: $3000 3x tables/30 Seats and place a logo, and bannerWe also graciously accept donations that can be raffled or auctioned to raise funds. Our raffles and auctions have been extremely popular and a great local exposure venue for your business. We have proven record of accomplishment of being a powerful source for word-of-mouth and now internet, through our social media platform advertisement to assist with increasing your company’s visibility within our communities worldwide.As post 9/11 global terrorist threat remains steady, threats in the Indo-Pacific, and peer nation competitors threaten America’s strategic interest abroad, Green Berets and special operation forces are often called upon to meet these challenges – the Quiet Professionals. The annual operational tempo of U.S. Army Special Forces to some 75+ countries globally come with a heavy price as Green Berets sustain the highest casualty rate in the United States Special Operations community. Nonetheless, Army Green Berets remain the most capable and effective fighting force that the world has ever seen. We fully understand the post/current COVID-19 policies impacts and the historically high inflation rate affecting all businesses – thus we thank you in advance for your support to our mission of “Brothers Helping Brothers.”The SFA CH VIII is one of the oldest and the longest continuous running chapter of 90 SFA Chapters located worldwide. Founded in Hawai’i in 1964, SFA CH 8 is a Veterans Service Organization who supports the Green Berets family members and members of our community. We provide our veteran Green Berets with a civilian “team house” environment to continue our mission of providing “behind-the-scene” support to those Green Beret widows and family members in need. Since 1964, our chapter is the longest running chapter that meets on the first Sunday of the month. We continually provide honor guard memorial escorts to our fallen Green Berets; support annual leadership awards to 26 State of Hawai’i High School Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) and University of Hawaii ROTC programs, and provide college/university scholarships, and donate to other deserving local charities. Any questions you can contact our Treasurer, Gary Chamberlin at (808) 554-3623 or the President, Pete Tingstrom at sfachapterviii@gmail.comPete TingstromPresident, Special Forces Association Chapter VIII(808) 436-2901 A copy of the license to solicit charitable contributions as a not-for-profit organization SFA CH 8 EIN: 88-4364868, or sponsor and financial information may be obtained from the SFA CH VIII by contacting Gary Chamberlin at or (808) 554-3623. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state.
COL (R) John "Jack" Tobin served in the 5th, 7th and 11th Special Forces Groups in a career that spanned more than 40 years from Vietnam to Afghanistan.Jack was a mentor, friend and leader of many past and present SF Soldiers and was recognized as a Distinguished Member of the Regiment. Jack was a past President of SFA and Chapter 6. Jack's friends and family wish to keep his legacy alive through the COL Jack Tobin Scholarship Fund.The fund is administered by trustees including members of Jack's family and SFA members.
Special Forces Association Chapter VI is spearheading an effort by the SFA to be a Gold level supporter of the Memorial 3Gun Foundation.When you contribute, you're contributing with your SFA brothers to this extremely worthy cause. All (one hundred percent - 100%) of donated funds are passed directly to the Memorial 3Gun Foundation as a contribution from SFA members. Rick Turcotte (, Chapter VI Shooting Director can provide more information. You can also contact Tim Howle (Chapter VI Secretary) at can get more information about Memorial 3Gun Foundation by clicking on this button ( M3G Foundation ).